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One of the fastest growing free zones in the region.

Free zone Benefits

Discover the many advantages of joining our Free Zone

The Dominican Republic has been the fastest-growing economy in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2010. Today it is the main logistics hub in the region, and one of the most important manufacturing platforms in the middle Americas region.

We have been selected by many as one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment:
  • Strong business climate

    Strong business climate

  • Free Trade Agreements with 48+ countries

    Free Trade Agreements with 48+ countries

  • Prime Location for manufacturing at scale

    Prime Location for manufacturing at scale

  • Connectivity


  • Best Transportation Infrastructure in the Latin American and the Caribbean

    Best Transportation Infrastructure in the Latin American and the Caribbean

  • Qualified Workforce amounts 4.5+MM

    Qualified Workforce amounts 4.5+MM

  • Advanced telecommunications infrastructure

    Advanced telecommunications infrastructure

  • 100% national and local exemptions

    100% national and local exemptions

Our park is equipped to support clients from a wide range of industries including:

  • Medical Supplies

    Medical Supplies

  • Cardboard Box Factories

    Cardboard Box Factories

  • Textiles & Recycled <br /> Textiles Manufacturing

    Textiles & Recycled
    Textiles Manufacturing

  • High Quality <br /> Healthcare Products

    High Quality
    Healthcare Products

  • Food and Beverages Processing

    Food and Beverages Processing

  • Shoe Manufacturing

    Shoe Manufacturing

  • Electronics Manufacturing

    Electronics Manufacturing

  • Plastics Manufacturing

    Plastics Manufacturing

  • Automotive Components

    Automotive Components

We aim to offer personalized world-class services so that our tenants can focus on their business, while we take care of the park's ecosystem.

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Nigua Free Zone is a Non-Regulated User (NRU) of the National Interconnected Electricity System (SENI), which allows us to purchase electricity directly in the wholesale market and transfer it to our customers at very competitive prices. Our 6MW High Voltage Substation (HVS) is directly connected to the 69,000 KV transmission lines. We partnered with ENNOVA to operate our electricity system. ENNOVA, with 20+ years of experience in the field, currently operates more than 50% of NRUs in the Dominican Republic. Their team of professionals provide high quality maintenance to our electrical infrastructure and equipment, enabling us to guarantee premium, timely and efficient electricity services to our park residents.

our park

New NFZ infrastructure includes:

  • • 4 new buildings, rounding up our entire fleet to 30 buildings ranging from 6,000 to 36,000f2.
  • • Brand new Cafeteria for park tenants and staff.
  • • Brand new Medical Center for park tenants and staff.
  • • Brand new open lot for new projects.
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Nigua Free Zone is the right business park for your business

Our park is strategically located.

  • • 12 miles west of the capital city of Santo Domingo.
  • • 7 miles from the Port of Haina, the second largest port in the country, made up of two terminals with capacity to receive fifteen vessels and operate different cargoes: general, containers, roll-on / roll-off, liquid and dry raw materials in bulk. Rio Haina Port currently moves 60%+ of trade between the Dominican Republic and the United States.
  • • 5 miles from Autopista 6 de Noviembre – one of the largest highways in the island connecting all major ports, airports and cities.
  • • 30 miles from Las Americas International Airport.

    Comprised of over 1.9MMf2 of land, connected with over 3 km. of internal pathways. On this land, Nigua Free Zone houses +30 customizable buildings ranging from 6,000 to 36,000f2, perfectly suited for both manufacturing and/or service operations.

    We are proud to have been selected by globally recognized companies from a broad range of industries including medical, automotive, packaging, 3PI, among others – making us one of the most diverse business parks in the Caribbean.