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Focused on a modern vision of management

Focused on a modern vision of management
Free ZoneDominican Republic

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The park is comprised of more than 2 million square feet of land, connected by more than 2 miles of internal roads. It has 30 adaptable buildings ranging from 6,000 to 36,000 square feet, suitable for both manufacturing and service operations, from medical device manufacturing, automotive components, packaging materials, logistics services and food, making them one of the most diverse business parks in the Caribbean.

A business ecosystem:

  • Leadership in park management.
  • New Lines of Business
  • Customized services
  • Facilities for clients

The park operates under an investment fund that is managed by SAFI Pioneer. Tell us about it.

Pioneer is the first investment fund management company to operate in the country and offers the option of investing in diverse portfolios of securities with the best returns and guarantees in the local market.

It currently manages six (6) investment funds with a total value of more than $300 million dollars, with important assets in the real estate, commercial, tourism and social sectors.

Why are Pioneer's corporate development funds entering the free trade zone sector?

Our motivation for entering this industry is to collaborate with the development of a long-term strategy to complement existing needs and develop a much more competitive sector for the international market. Investment funds represent an opportunity to add value, transform and innovate.

It has a strategic location: 12 minutes from the Haina River port, which currently handles most of the trade with the United States; 5 minutes from the 6 de Noviembre Highway and its intersection with the Circunvalación Santo Domingo Highway; and right on the border between the provinces of San Cristóbal and Santo Domingo, with access to the largest source of human capital in the country.

The park covers all the basic and specialized services that a company expects, water and power supply, 24/7 security, medical services, general maintenance, solid waste disposal, landscaping, support in the recruitment of human capital, provision of spaces for personnel training, among others.

Nigua's new administration has made significant investments to improve the park's infrastructure and services, for example, in the area of perimeter security technologies and electronic access control. It is the only park in the country where all residents can access the park through an electronic card system for both vehicles and pedestrians. The entire perimeter is covered by a CCTV system with state-of-the-art IP cameras.

Nigua, because of its great potential, is the cornerstone of this strategy to position ourselves as leaders in the free trade zone sector in the region.

A free trade zone experience customized to meet the manufacturing needs of its customers.

Future Projects

Development of facilities for meetings, corporate events, conference center and business services.

Increasing the supply of industrial spaces, taking into account the high demand they are experiencing, both from current customers and new investors.

Positioning as leaders in the development and management of parks in the Central American and Caribbean region.

NFZ facilities

Our park is growing

Our new expansion project has a land of more than 230,000 mts2 in which we will build more than 15 industrial buildings equipped to meet the most demanding operational and logistical needs of our partners, thus becoming the most advanced production infrastructure in the Caribbean.

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