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Nigua Free Zone is diversified

Nigua Free Zone is diversified
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The diversification of the Nigua Free Zone has resulted in this industrial park exporting more than US$80 million per year and generating 1,879 direct jobs. hola mundo

This was explained by the directors of the Nigua Free Zone Council in an interview for HOY, who added that despite being a small park of 10 companies, but with two more approved to be installed, they mobilize tens of thousands of containers, thanks to the fact that it is probably the best located industrial park in the country.

"In our manufacturing sector we have companies that manufacture medical equipment, customers that manufacture electrical equipment and components for the automotive industry and packaging material. In addition, there are companies that are dedicated to value-added logistics services: warehousing and mobilization of goods at an international level," they detailed.

According to the president of the industrial park's board, Héctor Garrido, they acquired the industrial park, which operates under an investment fund managed by Pioneer, with a vision of growth from the point of view of the park's capacity to improve its services and increase the physical space it offers its clients.

"Investing in this sector has an impact on the jobs it offers, the foreign exchange it generates, the diversification of the economy and the reactivation of the economy in the face of the covid-19 pandemic situation," he added.

He said that the interest, in addition to expanding the diversification of its portfolio, is also to contribute to the economic growth and reactivation of the country, betting on the free zone sector, which is one of the most booming, he said, has had in the last twelve months.

The Nigua Free Zone generates some 3,760 direct and indirect jobs and has an investment of US$49.3 million. Of the US$5,898.1 million exported by the free zone sector last year, the Nigua industrial park exported US$83.3 million, which represented 1.4% of the exports of the entire sector in 2020.

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Our new expansion project has a land of more than 230,000 mts2 in which we will build more than 15 industrial buildings equipped to meet the most demanding operational and logistical needs of our partners, thus becoming the most advanced production infrastructure in the Caribbean.

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